1. KT Courageous [2nd ed.]
  2. wisdom trump’s life unexpected

  1. KT Courageous [2nd ed.] - Our Scrapbook, a worldwide K-T Support Project! Imagine all of us submitting for publication in a world-class Coffee Table-Top Scrapbook an engaging photo or two along with a brief message or even a synopsis of our life to date. This will be a child’s dream book; and for us adults a comforting memory that we are notContinue reading "KT Courageous [2nd ed.]"
  2. wisdom trump’s life unexpected -   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥Watch carefully old man,for to be cavalier and think yourself ever the smarter,ever the more experienced,you’ll be humbled by the young person sitting, ever so quietly,ever so politely next to you.Look closely,you will see a lifetime of courage and insight gained, pressed in brevity,then it is proper to see wisdomContinue reading "wisdom trump’s life unexpected"


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