Helping Hands


“As many possible medical facilities and practitioners as possible in the shortest time possible!’

. . . until we complete this personal project here is another resource

fellow Born Rare travelers sharing their physician-clinic info

A restored 2005 – 2011 project to help a support group, which took a spreadsheet of physician referrals collected from pen pals and turned it into an open source registry/roster. This once dated Directory differs from the open-ended archive reported below, which is our personal library in our personal journal. Rather, HELPING CARE 4 BORN RARE was and is populated by those with personal experience with good doctors and facilities and wish to share these with moms and dads so as to avoid the same struggles we have had locating experienced medical providers and such. It was a pragmatic exercise, still is in offering a place to record information that gets shared on social media and then buried under 1oo’s of posts with no practical way to recover and share this collaborative work with Facebook only interested in clicks, not content. That said, this open sourced, community-driven resource requires the community actively engage and add their medical providers. A submittal that can be anonymous if desired.

HELPING HANDS [Bill & Dawne’s Personal Project, Paying it Forward]

. . . back to our smaller scale project, we gladly seek fellow travelers that like digging and digging through accessible public records to proactively create a comprehensive database while the support groups stick with word of mouth advertisement-referrals.

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