NOT PROS; Partial Gigantism – Digital Overgrowth – Cutaneous/Subcutaneous Malformations


At this point in our re-construction we are gathering as many originally sourced articles and websites that contain information and resources. We will be temporarily using an abstraction of the Genetic Anomalies and Rare Disease Information Center [NIH] info sheet as a placeholder for future synthesis.

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above is a quick comparison of syndromes with similar symptoms

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1 100% TRANSPARENCY – Our lit research starts with the United States National Institute of Health, then moves on to other heavily referenced sources. We are an NON-COMMERCIAL educational site, running on our personal time and energy. Getting original sourced material to you in one aggregated place is our mission. Based on past roadblocks to efficient time management and respecting our volunteer time we have learned the hard way to copy content into this website while also providing ORIGINAL SOURCE weblinks. We’re respecting copyrights in the process. The original sources are documented while their web link integrity is up to their author(s). Our layman perspectives are clearly marked, as is our original content.

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1 Pleading an unconventional approach to searching for and documenting information and resources. We have ready resources available to us. The challenge is where to start and how to aggregate and synthesize it. We start with these – Each nation has a national health service. In the United states it is the NIH which has several standard links. There certainly are other credible sources too. Sweeping all of these and preparing an aggregated perspective is our strategy for producing a credible piece that we would personally be comfortable taking to our doctor for his/her review. Our purpose is to establish a common understanding with our physicians who are treating life altering medical conditions.

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