Awareness [Legacy]

  • K-T Definitions & Explanations - Comment Bubble More Research* Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome, as defined by: MedlinePlus PubMedHealth National Institues of Health – Nureo National Institutes of Health – Genetics Home Reference International Birth Defects Information System NOVA – National Organization of Vascular Anamolies – – – – – – – – – – *
  • K-T Medical Institutions - Comment Bubble More Research* Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital Boston Cincinnati Children’s Hospital University of Maryland Medical Center Seattle Children’s
  • KT Campaigns & Logos - Over the last several months Joshlyn Merchant has worked diligently to find KT symbols, messages, etc. that could be used to rally her community. Her community approached her about doing a walk-a-thon for her daughter. Yesterday, we posted two variations of Joshlyn’s work product. These are the “seeds” now being worked by product-professionals as theyContinue reading "KT Campaigns & Logos"

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